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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
OK, so I'm starting to list just good free software, so sue me. Picasa is photo management and editing software. The previous version sold for $50; now the new, much better version, is free from Google. OK, Google's bought my heart and mind (though the Yahoo Desktop Search seems better than Google's). Picasa 2 is pretty great, it's not the usual, "here's the free piece of almost usable software, pay more to get the usable one"; there's no upgrade, this is the real deal. See the review from PC Mag.
Monday, January 03, 2005
A nitpicker's guide to Lord of the Rings, book vs. movie. What can I say, I've been catching up with Slashdot and noticed this one. Pretty insanely thorough, though what I found most interesting were the letters at the end. I like the books more than the movies, though both have their points. I agree that Merry, Pippin, and especially Gimli being portrayed mostly as comic relief was disappointing. That said, I disagree with the "wishy-washy" criticisms for characters. Should all the characters purely be heroic (or heroic and doomed) all the time? Somehow that's a little dull, which is how I felt about the third book itself, it reads more like a list of heroic actions than a book that has living characters in it. Flame on! (But no one reads this blog, so I'm safe.)
Another useful site:, which lists worthwhile free (and ad-free) software. I don't want to lose this link, so that's why it's here.

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